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As a social networking platform, we connect many organizations to funders. We provide easy access and unlimited opportunities to community groups and start-ups for free

A word from the founder

"At the heart of the global issues of the day, the development of electronic platforms is a key issue. It is a question for us to participate in an efficient way in the unstoppable necessity to give more sense to the adequacy of opportunities and mutual development. 

Certainly not to fill a void which would not exist in this sufficiently equipped landscape, but rather to bring in our own way, our modest contribution to a process of pooling likely to lead on the one hand to the expression of needs and on the other hand to the presentation of potential niches of accompaniment...."

The river does not lack water. However, this water is not intended for it.
Adamou Thierry

The Gate Open team

The Gate Open team

Rachel Tchougwa

Partnership & Communication Manager

Jacques Bogla

Training Manager

Evelyne Ngomi

Evelyne Ngomi

Public Relations Manager

Alliant Sitcheu

Community Management Manager

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You are a commune, a start-up, an association, an ICG, an NGO or any other community group! Register on Gate Open and benefit from all the funding opportunities from donors and national and international organizations.  


You would like to contribute to Africa's development! Register and join the donors who are actively working with Gate Open for the development of a strong Africa.


Join the team of Gateopen partners to increase your notoriety through the impact of our activities and to widen your field of visibility through our vast network as well as through your presence on our communication supports and during our workshops.

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