Call for Expressions of Interest: Local Partner Mapping & Database Development

The CARE International in Zambia invites applications from potential partner organizations to the call for expression of interest: Local Partner Mapping & Database Development.

  • The specific objectives of this expression of interest are as follows.
    • Make available a mapping of local organizations/institutions falling under any of the nine (9) broad categories mentioned below and with experience in working in any of the four Strategic Program Areas mentioned below.
    • Based on the mapping, begin the process of assessing the capacity (due diligence assessments) of at least twenty (20) potential partners in each of the ten (10) provinces across the country that are technically qualified in one or more of CARE Zambia’s Strategic Program Areas.
    • Generate a comprehensive database of all selected partners across all Strategic Program Areas and ten (10) provinces
  • In line with this overall CARE vision, CARE International in Zambia launched a strategy, covering 2022 – 2025; this strategy specifies its overall goal to become a locally led organization anchored through strong and mutually beneficial strategic partnerships with a wide array of organizations and institutions which have been grouped into nine (9) broad categories listed.
    • Civil Society Organizations
    • International Agencies/Multi-lateral Institutions
    • Civil Society Organization Networks or Platforms
    • Research or Academic Institutions
    • Social Movements
    • Media Entities
    • Governmental Organizations
    • Private Sector
    • Social Enterprises
Eligibility Criteria
  • The mapping of local institutions/organizations is open to all operating across and registered in Zambia that are working under any or all the four (4) CARE Zambia Strategic Program Areas listed.
    • Health & Nutrition
    • Education & Empowerment
    • Agriculture and Climate
    • Emergency Preparedness and Response
  • Women-led, Women Rights, differently abled and Youth-led and focused organizations are strongly encouraged to apply.
  • Note: For those that are currently partnering with CARE Zambia with an active agreement, please note that you are not required to respond to this expression of interest (You are already in the system, and they will follow up as necessary).

For more information, visit CARE International in Zambia.

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