Nigeria Youth Futures Fund (NYFF) Young Leaders Development Funds 2023/24 ($1 million in funding)

About NYFF

More than 70 percent of Nigeria’s population is made up of young people, with estimations of continuous growth in the next few decades. Given this significant number, it is evident that the future growth of Nigeria is linked to having an educated, skilled, healthy, and politically active youthful population that is involved in the development of long-term policy strategies.


The Nigeria Youth Futures Fund (NYFF) seeks grant applications from qualified individuals and organizations for the 2023/24 youth leaders’ development funds. The grant aims to strengthen, support, and promote youth ecosystem building in the country. The grants will be awarded to individuals and organizations working in line with the thematic areas of interest.

About the NYFF

The Nigeria Youth Futures Fund (NYFF) is a five-year collaborative program of LEAP Africa, MacArthur Foundation, and Ford Foundation that seeks to strengthen youth leadership in Nigeria through outcomes-driven policy engagements and inclusive resourcing that help youth shape the future long-term development plans of the country. The NYFF is anchored on three core components which include:

  1. An Imaginative Futures Working Group at the national and regional levels to mainstream youth ideas within the long-term planning process
  2. Youth Leadership Program: This pillar seeks to build the capacity of young leaders and youth lead organizations while also providing grants for young people/organizations working on the identified thematic areas.
  3. Online and Media engagement: The fund seeks to strengthen the voices of young Nigerians through policy advocacy, debates, online campaign, and so on toward the realization of  #theNigeriaWeWant.

Grant Thematic Areas

The Youth Leadership Development fund will prioritize the themes described below, the themes are in line with the Youth agenda that emerged from the visioning exercise of the NYFF. Click here, the Nigeria We Want Report, to read about the report. It is imperative for the applicants to submit concepts/proposals, in line with the themes, that are capable of driving social change within their community.

Facilitate Good Governance: Applicants are expected to submit Youth development projects proposals that seek to support the National short-term and long-term development plans that promote;

  • Active Citizenship and Leadership Development
  • Policy Development, Advocacy, Executive and Legislative Reforms at various tiers of Government (National, State, and Local Government).
  • Institutional Strengthening, Transparency, and Accountability.

Resolve Fundamental National Questions: Applicants are expected to submit Youth development projects proposals that seek to support the National short-term and long-term development plans towards the following;

  • Peace Building
  • Equity, Social Inclusion, Cohesion, and Justice
  • Promotion of National Values including Patriotism, Unity, and Empathy within the country.

NB – Proposals that leverage Media, Art, Entertainment, Creativity, and Technology to drive any of these pillars are also encouraged. Organizations can also apply as a cluster.

Please visit to read more and apply for the grant.

Deadline Sep 30 2023 12:00 AM (WAT)


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