Production and Broadcast of Family Planning Behaviour Change Radio Advertisements

The Family Empowerment Media (FEM) seeks an NGO partner to implement the expansion efforts, spreading life-saving health information over the radio.

The Family Empowerment Media (FEM) is an evidence-driven non-profit that enables informed health decisions through clear, compelling, and accurate radio-based communication. They focus on sexual and reproductive health.

FEM seeks a local NGO partner to accelerate the growth into new locations. The partner will provide deep insights into their local communities and implement the established system for proofs of concept in new-to-them countries. They’ll bring the funding, a proven model, and research capabilities.

By partnering with FEM, you will gain:

  • The opportunity to co-implement an impactful campaign reaching thousands of families, saving and improving lives
  • Capacity building on qualitative and quantitative research, budgeting and planning, storytelling, and creative production of evidence-based, effective social behaviour change campaigns
  • The potential for long term partnership in an impactful area
Scope of Work
  • The new local partner will:
    • Conduct focus group discussions and in-depth interviews
    • Organise a stakeholder workshop
    • Conduct health facility visits
    • Identify radio production companies
    • Develop two scripts and ads
    • Negotiate contracts with 1-2 radio station
    • Pre-test adverts and adapt
    • Distribute the final radio files to the radio station(s)
    • Monitor broadcasts
    • Conduct mini-survey at the end of POC with 40 target listeners


  • This initial proof of concept will last about 8 weeks, including 1 week of airing. The project is expected to start in October to November.
  • They are looking for a partner who is keen to grow with them. If this project is successful, the plan is to launch a longer campaign. The partners in Nigeria have kept working with FEM for years after the proof of concept project was completed.

Deadline: 22-Sep-23

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