Call for Applications: From Growth to Well Being Think Fund

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Call for Applications: From Growth to Well Being Think Fund

In order to advance the discussion on inclusive and more equitable economic development, the From Growth to Well Being Think Fund provides small grants to professionals, researchers, and authors, particularly from the Global South. This will aid in creating a reservoir of cutting-edge knowledge that is both regionally and professionally diverse

Possible subjects include:

  • What additional or different metrics could replace the GDP as a measure?
  • What are the gaps in the data currently collected that prevent the monitoring of more comprehensive economic indicators, especially in the Global South?
  • What additional culturally and geographically distinct models of wellness exist besides “Buen Vivir” and “Ubuntu,” and how may they be used practically?
  • What are the main gender factors that need to be taken into account while transitioning to a wellbeing economy (such as the importance of paid and unpaid care work for global prosperity)?
  • What are the responsibilities of global financial institutions like the IMF and WBG, and how can they change?
  • How can we educate the public about the necessity of reorienting our economic models and rally support for various national and international policies?

Deadline: 30th July 2023

To submit your application, click here.
Carl Roberts can be reached at carl.roberts[@] if you have any questions.



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