The Minor Foundation for Major Challenges (MFMC) small and Large grants program (200 000£)

The foundation’s top priorities from 2019 through 2023 are:

  • encourage and aid inventive climate communication strategies
  • expanding the perspectives and narratives in the climate advocacy sector aids in bolstering social and political movements that allow for radical change.
  • prioritize approving European initiatives
  • Applications that unmistakably fit into the foundation’s plan will only be taken into consideration.

Please be aware that the foundation will not take into account applications with a purely local focus, those that concentrate on the implementation of community-level projects like forest conservation, tree planting, and climate change adaptation, or those that primarily seek to disseminate information about climate to the general public.

Large grants:

MFMC is searching for projects in this area that are typically between EUR 20,000 and EUR 200,000, while larger projects may be taken into consideration.

There are two parts to the application process, and organizations that are interested are first need to submit a brief pitch. If the MFMC board likes the project based on this, the organization can be asked to submit a complete application.

Small grants:

via this category, applications are accepted via a streamlined one-stage process for smaller grants of up to EUR 10,000. The MFMC board will evaluate applications in accordance with its objectives and plan.

Date of deadline: 10.08.2023

For More Information, visit MFMC Official Grants


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